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Rum Runners Rum Cake Factory

Since 2004, Rum Runners Rum Cake Factory has been serving up a "Delicious Piece of Nova Scotia History."  

Imagine a rich, golden rum cake - made from scratch, on the boardwalk of the same harbour that nearly a hundred years ago supplied millions of people with the Prohibition Drink.

All Rum Runners cakes use real rum or whiskey bottled at beautiful Glenora Distilleries on Cape Breton Island, making it a truly Nova Scotian product. Free of preservatives, the cake is vacuum sealed for freshness and will keep unopened for up to three months.

Our large cakes are packaged in a decorative tin - inside you'll get the story of Aunt Blanche and how she used to smuggle her booze in the tastiest way imaginable, in her cakes!

Now, Prohibition is long since gone, but the taste of these rum cakes will make you feel like you've found something worth breaking the law for.


Seafarers up and down the East Coast have always worked hard and risked their lives to make a living. Sometimes, that living was made through less than legal means, but it always seems as though they were filling a need in society.  In the 1920's and 1930's, Rum Running was a major industry in Nova Scotia – employing not only captains and crews of rum running ships, but also creating a boom in the shipbuilding industry.

Operating on the other side of the law, the Rum Runners would risk life and limb to make sure the hungry masses didn’t go thirsty in the Speakeasies in Canada and the US

For a period in the 1930s, these hearty souls were filling the needs of Prohibitions starved residents of the US and later Canada by smuggling rum from Canada and France to the thirsty crowd. The Rum Running years were marked with lost ships, gunfights with the coast guard and incredible wealth to the ships’ owners and crew.

Gordon Stevens was a Rum Runner from Cape Breton in the 1920's and his wife used some of his illicit cargo to make a delicious golden cake soaked with rich, sweet rum. It’s obvious she was the brains in the family as this was the most ingenious means of getting rum to the people under the watchful eye of the authorities. One day, not so long ago, we stumbled across the recipe for this delicious concoction and now we're making it available to you without the risk of incarceration.  The weathered recipe card read "Flour, butter, sugar, rum (AND LOTS OF IT!)..."  Soon after, we had our first taste of the glorious Rum Runners Rum Cake.  We feasted for hours and that night, dreamt of just one more bite.  When we awoke the next morning, we felt resurrected and knew we had to have another cake. We also knew that we had to share our amazing discovery and let the world Eat Cake!

Inside each Rum Runners box you will find a rich golden cake, topped with glorious pecans & coconut and soaked with rich, sweet rum. Take this cake on your journeys for nourishment and to make friends – nobody can resist its sweet, moist flavor and everyone will be looking for more.


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